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How are single malt and blended scotch whiskey different?

There’s a common misconception that because a certain whisky is labeled “single malt,” it must be the product of just a single batch or barrel of whisky. This is incorrect. Most single malts, as you’ll see, are a blend, in the sense that they’re a mixture of whiskies.

Beer vs Wine vs Brandy vs Whiskey vs Scotch vs Rum vs Vodka vs Gin vs Feni

Beer is made by fermentation of starch sugars obtained from malted barley and malted wheat grains.  Stout is another type of beer, dark in colour which is made…

10 Breathtaking and Astonishing Facts About Whisky

Whisky is made out of beer Whisky is made from ‘wort’, liquid extracted from the mashing process during the brewing of beer or simply the ‘beer’ that gets…

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