These are the top 10 most famous and best selling wines in India. The real taste of India.

  1. Fratelli Sangiovese Bianco
    Fratelli implies brothers in Italian. Fratelli Wines is a coordinated and combined effort of Indian and Italian families who got together to bring the Tuscan quality and taste of wine and developed it in Indian atmosphere and territory.

    Wine analysis – Alcohol: 13.5 – Total Acidity: 5

  1. Dindori Reserve Shiraz
    Dindori Reserve Shiraz is a product of Sula Vineyards. It grown on the red hills of Dindori estate and also barrel-aged in American oak. Dindori Reserve Shiraz is a intense, powerful wine, with flavours of vanilla, berries and a long pleasing finish.  Dindori Reserve Shiraz was ranked number 25 in the best and top 100 Wines of 2014 by WINE ENTHUSIAST magazine with 93 points. It is the first ever Indian wine to make the list, a singular and greatest honour from one of the world’s leading wine magazines.

    Dindori Reserve Shiraz


  1. Seagram’a Nine Hills
    Nine Hills gets its name from the hills surrounding the winery i.e. it’s home. It is made in Dindori, Nasik, Maharashtra with in-house expertise on viticulture and winemaking from Pernod Ricard Winemakers who is the owners of Jacob’s Creek, a brand that has earned over 7000 awards. Dry, refreshing and crisp, this Sauvignon Blanc is light bodied with notes of green apples, grass, guava,  melon and gooseberry.

    Seagram’a Nine Hills

  1. Barrique Reserve Shiraz
    The reddish-brown Shiraz has developed. Big aromas of smoke and spice on the nose, pronounced notes of toffee, dry fruit and caramelon the palate. It is produced in Baramati, Maharashtra – India. It contains the following Grape Variety:Shiraz (87%), Cabernet Sauvignon (10%), Viognier (3%)It is enjoyed best at 18° – 20° C with cuisine like herbed duck confit, charcuterie, barbecued red meats, wild mushroom ragu and chargrilled vegetables.

    Barrique Reserve Shiraz

    Pricing – Rs. 860 in Bangalore
    Rs. 830 in Delhi
    Rs. 810 in Mumbai.
    12.5% alcohol.

  1. SETTE
    SETTE is enjoyed in celebration and homage to everything that is possible in vineyards.SETTE meaning 7 in Italian is a dream that the seven brothers of Fratelli had. The dream came true when the 2009 vintage gave an exceptionally high quality produce. The top one percent of the grapes from the vineyards went into fulfilling this dream. SETTE is the first Indian Icon Wine, just like Opus One of California.


    For this awesome red wine blend, time and patience is of the essence. Each component of SETTE is vinified separately to pull out, it’s true identity and potential. 2 years is spent in the finest of French oak barrels before final assembling in tank and further maturation in bottle for up to 18 months.

  1. Chateau d’Ori Merlot
    Chateau d’Ori is a wine business that was established by Ranjit Dhuru, an entrepreneur who made his fortune as founder of a successful technology company.  Enthralled by the wines of Bordeaux, Dhuru initially bought 100 acres of wasteland 20km outside Nasik, Maharashtra. It was in 2001, French varietal vines had been planted and its first wines released.

    Chateau d’Ori Merlot

    The Chateau d’Ori vineyards are planted with Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay.  It is presently one of the few winemakers in India which uses only grapes grown on its own estate.

    They currently are producer of five red, two white and one rose table wine.

  1. Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve/Revelio
    Loved by wine lovers for its stunning taste and spicy aroma, it’s a gem from the vintage division. Best enjoyed with meat as it has a special taste of pepper, nutmeg and cinnamon.
    A 750 ml of the wine costs Rs 1345.

    Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve/Revelio

  1. Grover La’ Reserve
    The decade old favourite of many of India’s wine pundit, this Cabernet-Syrah blend, first created by popular ‘flying’ French winemaker Michel Rolland, has seen its ups and downs over the years. At first, this vintage came across fairly silent to the enthusiasts who deemed it ‘shy on the nose.’ As it opened up, Syrah characteristics such as dark fruit, pepper, chocolate and spice began coming through. It appealed to some enthusiasts as a good wine with BBQ food , mutton and heavier meats. Grover La’ Reserve is a Good value reserve wine.

    Grover La’ Reserve

    Country – India
    Wine content 13% by volume
    Vintage – 2014
    Bottle size 750ml

  1. Rasa Shiraz
    Rasa Shiraz is by far India’s best reserve Shiraz. It is a complex wine, with finesse and power. It is Crafted from hand picked grapes from there own estate vineyards, Rasa Shiraz is aged for 12 months in premium French oak barrels and then further matured in the bottle before it is released. The wine looks opulent and lush, with supple tannins and a peppery finish. A limited edition wine that is served slightly chilled. To fully enjoy this unique wine, we recommend that the bottle be opened and poured off, 30 minutes prior to serving.

    Rasa Shiraz

    Origin: Nashik, Maharashtra, India.
    Alcohol Volume: 14% v/v.
    Storage: Store away from heat and direct light.
    Serve: Slightly chilled, 16-18°C.

  1. Chene Grand Reserve
    The wine is a blend of Tempranillo (60%) and Syrah (40%) grapes grown on the slopes of the winery’s Igatpuri vineyards (in Nashik, Maharashtra). This is the 1st Tempranillo dominant wine from Grover Zampa, and the grapes used in the year 2010 blend of  Chêne are the 4th harvest of the Tempranillo vines. Chêne means Oak tree in French. It the most aged Indian red wine because it is aged 15 months in French barrels and a further 15 months in bottles, making.

    Chene Grand Reserve

    Brand : Grover Zampa
    Alcohol Content (ABV) : 14 %
    Type : Red Wine
    Grape Type : Syrah/Shiraz
    Style : None
    Category : None
    Appearance : Ruby
    Origin Country : India
    A 750 ml bottle costs Rs1850

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