“Beer is the true love of life. If it’s not, then you don’t know the meaning of love.” – said by Your Next Door Beer Lover

There is no wonder that you will find two kinds of people in this world. One who only drinks on birthdays and others who don’t need birthdays. Reasons can be any but one thing that fills every occasion is BEER. Yeah!

Beer is for everyone. Its considered as Your Buddy Alcohol who will never leave you; no matter what the issue is……?.

Nothing can beat the feel of the chilled beer. Even its scientifically proven that Beer is the ideal drink to have if you want to stay away from kidney stones. Yeah! A glass of beer keeps the stones away! Also, it helps in good digestion.  What else you need, man? We have given you the medicinal reason to have beers daily!

Looking for more?

It’s a refreshing drink that goes with every age group. Whether you are going out with oldie group or youngsters, no one denies the “Evergreen Love For Beer”. All you need is to open the can or bottle of your favorite beer, sit around and start making conversation. Rest will go with the flow!

There is the abundance of Beer brands in the market. Sometimes it does not get easy to understand whether your favorite beer brand will be available in your nearby thekas or not.

When I came to Delhi, I was not able to buy my buddy beer brand at nearby wineshops in Delhi. During the period, I figure out one should know what to buy and where to buy your favorite alcohol whenever you change your location or state.

Therefore, being a beer lover, I would like to share the top 4 best selling Beer Brands available in Delhi NCR to make your beer journey easier and smoother.

And, I hope these are also your favorite brands that you would like to have the party. Let’s read to find out the best-selling beer brands in Delhi NCR.


Kingfisher is not only a beer brand in India; it’s like a God in Beer Brands!  

It is one of the finest and loved beer brands as well the most recognizable brand in the alcohol industry. And; for beer lovers, all they just ask for in the pub – Dude, Can We Have Our Ultra?


Definitely, this brand unites the beer lovers across the country.

Especially if we talk about it’s product – Kingfisher Ultra, it has exceptional flavor available in cheaper rates and great distribution across the states. This makes it the most trustable and broadly consumed beer in India.

₹ 100.00 For Kingfisher Draught Beer-CAN 500ML.
₹ 125.00 For Kingfisher Premium Lager Beer 650ML.
₹ 150.00 For Kingfisher Ultra Lager Beer 650ML.

Bira 91

This is the brand which is highly common and lovable among youngsters especially College goers. This brand is new and it is taking over all the markets across the country by storm.

Highly introduced in 2015, it has turned out to be a big competitor to Kingfisher and become the household name among beer fans. This brand is the best selling premium beer in most of the other states of India as well and its production is high in demand.

Bira 91

The company states that the filling the orthodox void that there is only one beer in the marketing. Bira represents the young beer lovers and proudly accept the fact as well.

With cheap price and various wheat flavors, Bira is definitely a must try beer brand which is easily available in the marketing as well.

Price: ₹ 170-220 For Bira White Beer-CANS-330ML Pint.


This is most admired beer among the youth that is driving with its might potency and quite the distinct bitterness.

Quite easily available in the town everywhere, the Danish brand has probably become the most desirable beer of India like no other.  Its taste is the acutal reason that has made it competent among the other brands and still ruling the hearts as King.


₹ 95.00 For Tuborg Green Beer-CANS-500ML.
₹ 120.00 For Tuborg STRONG PREMIUM Beer 650ML.


No wonder, when you cant fit with any other brand, Haywards come as a souvenir among all other beer brands.


It is one of the best brands in Delhi as well as India which is most recognized for its iconic Haywards 5000, a brew which is one hell of a strong among as compared to others.


With strong lager as compared to other brands, it is the most solid and “damdaar” beer you can have at such a remarkable price.

₹ 95.00 For Original Haywards 5000 Super Strong Beer-CANS-500ML.
₹ 70.00 For Original Haywards 5000 Super Strong Beer-CAN 330 ML.

Still, it’s not the end…….apni beer abi baki hai mere dost!!!!

These were the 4 top demanding beers that you can find at every corner of the city. Some people have other likes as well.

Tell us in the comment section about your favourite beer.

You can also share the best and cheapest beer that a person can find at our nearby thekas in Delhi. We would be happy to know more about it.

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