What craft beer? Don’t worry if you don’t know about it. We will tell you what exactly it is because it’s intimidating. Whenever you’re trying to articulate one of the draft and bottled beers at a craft beer bar/pub or just confused about the difference between ales and lagers, don’t worry you’re not alone.


Craft beer is not a common tongue to define exquisite beer and brews but it has a deep meaning. To earn the title of Craft beer, breweries must have these qualities that separates them from other beer manufacturer.

  1. Unique
  2. Maverick
  3. Orthodox

BREWERY AND MICROBREWERY are two different things. But they do not differ a lot. According to Brewers Guild, a craft brewery must produce at lease 6 million barrels of beer or more each year. Astonishing, right. As a matter of fact there are breweries that produce upto 16 million barrels of beer or less each year.

Here comes the market of microbreweries, nano-breweries, and brewpubs. Some craft breweries have significantly less than 6 million barrels of production annually. Since the production is less, they are divided into small market segments.

Microbrewery – is a type of brewery that produces less than 15,000 barrels of beer annually with 75% or more of its beer being sold off-site.

Nanobrewery – are scaled-down version of microbreweries, but there’s no fixed amount of beer that a brewery must produce to earn the tag.

Brewpub – is defined as a restaurant/pub and brewery that sells 25% or more of its beer onsite.

The Brewers Guild states that no more than 25 percent of the company can be owned by a member of the beverage alcohol industry that is not a craft brewer to be called a craft brewery.

So the final question is can you identify craft beer by its taste?

There’s a recurrent misapprehension that all craft beers are strong, powerful, distinct flavours. To a great extent it’s true for most of the popular craft beers. But there a many craft beers with much clement tastes and lower alcohol content. For example Stiegl Goldbräu, a 4.9% ABV (alcohol by volume). Tasting the beer is not the real way to really identify a craft beer but to do a little research and examine before drinking.

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